A new experience of connected healthcare

Bringing care seekers and care providers together to create a new and efficient ecosystem for continuum of care.

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  • Current Problem

    Across the healthcare value chain, there is an evident lack of interoperability, standardization and proper information exchange, leading to flawed provider-seeker relationship.

  • Our Approach

    We collaborated with care providers from multiple specialties, with the sole purpose of developing a solution to cultivate and nurture this relationship.

  • Our Solution

    The RoundGlass Cross platform enables providers and seekers to stay connected and track progress together creating a robust care continuum.


A new vision of connectedness,
grounded in years of expertise.

Care through connectivity and collaboration

RoundGlass Cross is your one-stop solution to manage yours and your loved ones’ healthcare needs.

Stress-free practice management can be a reality

RoundGlass Cross enables you to deliver quality-care by reducing your administrative burden, and freeing up more time to spend with the most essential stakeholder of your practice - your care seeker.


Cross Exchange creates a unique integrated patient record by connecting to an adaptive & intelligent SaaS platform.

We comply with healthcare standards in order to maintain the highest level of security and interoperability.




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