Knowledge is Power. Together we have the power to create the future.

Access industry insight and perspective on breaking trends and events. Leverage our expertise, collaborate with our partners and join our ecosystem to bring your ideas to life.


RoundGlass believes that in order to identify, invest in, develop and launch the next set of health and wellness solutions, cultivating and sharing knowledge is paramount to success. Together with our partners – entrepreneurs, technologists and clinical experts, we are at the forefront of the digital healthcare revolution.

Thought Leadership

Partnering with external thought leaders and pioneers, we curate content and best practices. We apply our insights to macro and micro-level trends to highlight opportunity and hone your competitive edge.

Events & Community

RoundGlass hosts events locally and internationally. Formats include leadership forums, local networking and seminars to share industry knowledge and trends to spur innovation.

Professional Development

Our team can assist every facet of your business – from ideation to product development to go-to-market strategy. We offer mentorship and workshops to round-out your skills.

Past Events


Healthcare Leadership Forum

The Healthcare Leadership Forum creates a vibrant ecosystem of entrepreneurs, start-ups, thought leaders and professionals. Hear from visionary speakers and panelists. Gain unique insight from entrepreneurs and thought leaders to validate ideas, challenge the status quo and engage in meaningful dialogue to shape the health revolution in India.

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