Life is a Beach for Sanjay Manaktala!

This NRI IT guy of the Indian comedy scene is more than his sold out shows and hilarious videos.

When this newly turned #Yogi is not making funnies on stage, he’s adding finishing touches to his book, coming up with new parody videos and of course, hanging out with the celebrities of the world. Here’s a little pow-wow with him on where he likes to escape to and how it affects his activity on Tinder, I mean Facebook.

Where is your happy place off stage?
It’s either the beach or the mountains, with nothing in between.  Rivers and jungles are cool, but I just love the clean air with the altitude or the fresh air of the beach…minus the Europeans or Delhi guys in speedos. The Andaman Islands is definitely on that list.

What is it about being in the Andaman Islands?
The fact that it’s isolated enough to actually think and relax, without being completely devoid of people. I think the Andaman Islands is like Thailand fifty years ago, when you only saw faded postcards and never truly realized its beauty. The Andamans was that experience for me so I’m longing to go back, even if it’s said to be busier now.

Longing to go back? It must have been one amazing trip!
I spent ten days there and outside of lodging, let’s just say it cost me very, VERY little. Everything was cheap, people were nice, and it was the only time when I did nothing and time still flew by. You know how when you go to Goa and you take a book which you never touch? Over there you’ll probably look for more and more books, or just get lost in your thoughts. I sound like such a hippie that I would usually make fun of, but try it.

The place to think and relax!; Photo credit-Jerusha Lawrence-D'Cruz

You must have done more than just being lazy on the beach, right?

Yes, I did. I took a three hour boat journey away from the coast to a spot where all around me was just water. I was convinced that this was a scam and the fisherman was going to kill me, but just as I was getting ready for my tropical murder, about two hundred dolphins came from nowhere and were swimming in circles around the boat. It was absolutely surreal! Did I mention this was for a minuscule amount of money? I tipped him BIG!

You’re back home from a few days of R&R. Notice any difference?
I find myself checking Tinder, sorry my phone, fewer times than usual. I’m not refreshing Facebook or procrastinating. I do these short ‘disconnecting’ trips when I feel like I’ve accomplished something, otherwise I stress out on vacation if I don’t feel like I’ve earned it….which is why I love weddings…there’s no guilt because you have no choice but to be there!

What do you take back from The Andamans?
Memories, mainly. And a hangover.

As told to Riccha Paul | Edited by Dominic D’Cruz