What it takes to be in the top leagues?

Can Punjab Produce Future Football Champions?

Punjab has a very comprehensively rich sporting background. There’s no dearth of sporting talent in the state. When it comes to football, Punjab has got a solid legacy as well.

The state has a great pool of talent, and it just has to be tapped properly. The core focus should be to provide the proper infrastructure to train and develop players. In order to produce international level players, world-class training and guidance is required.

Punjab has produced some top-level football professionals. And, when we talk about football in Punjab, one can never ignore Gurpreet Sandhu. The living example who proved that India can produce players that can be part of European football too.

Through this grassroots program and talent development program, RG Sports aims to develop the talent base in this state, by giving the young footballers a platform to hone and showcase their football capabilities. With this, we are sure that soon topnotch national and international players will hail from Punjab.

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