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W ellbeing is, by nature, a journey; a multi-chapter story; a lifelong physical, mental and spiritual seeking; a personal and emotional quest. Come, experience the Next Frontier in Wellbeing and create a Wellbeing Movement with us.

- SUNNY SINGH, Founder, RoundGlass


A Wellbeing Movement

RoundGlass is a socially conscious global firm. We work to spur innovation and reimagine the journey of wellbeing and meaningful living through interactive experiences, cutting-edge applications, and captivating content. Our mission is simple, yet ambitious: to create a vibrant wellness ecosystem by investing in new technology, sharing knowledge, and ensuring that human beings are always at the very center of our approach.

We make it work by connecting industry, technology, and people to shape large-scale trends in health and wellness from the rural grassroots to the urban workplace. As investors, we find, fund, and mentor those working to disrupt conventional approaches and accelerate the future of digital health and wellbeing for the individual, the community and the planet.

Our solutions are created to address the issues most crucial to innovators, industry leaders, and investors. Through meticulous research, we consistently curate experiences that are rich in ground-breaking content and feature the industry’s most influential figures. By bringing technology and human energy together, we continue to shape the future of healthcare and wellbeing ­– one idea at a time.








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