Building an inter-connected and disruptive childcare ecosystem

Enabling parents to focus on all-round development, caregivers to deliver superior care and schools to unlock student’s true potential

  • Current Problem

    Growing competition, stress & unhealthy lifestyle necessiates holistic development of every child, but it is extremely difficult to achieve. Parents, Caregivers & Schools work in silos which makes holistic development even more difficult.

  • Our Approach

    Blossom bridges the gap with an interconnected & trusted community of parents, caregivers and schools working together to the wellbeing of a child.

  • Our Solution

    A pioneering, multi-channel solution for every parent, caregiver and school to facilitate raising happy, healthy and well-rounded children.


Be a Changemaker

RoundGlass Blossom invites every parent, caregiver and school to be part of an innovative and transformational journey focused on the wellbeing and holistic care of every child.

Enjoy the joy of parenting with Blossom

Be part of a new revolution in pediatric care

Our Community

Blossom community consists of parents, educators, doctors and practitioners who share knowledge on diverse range of topics related to child development.

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