6 Months Baby Development Milestones

Your baby is now half a year old and you probably can’t imagine a time without him. It’s funny to think that he hasn’t even lived outside of your body for as long as he grew inside of it!

Six months old is an age where babies begin to display endless curiosity and loads of personality – they’re truly incredible to watch. And as your baby has continued to learn and grow, he’s mastered a few new skills, too!


6 Months Baby Developmental Checklist

Your baby will likely be hitting the following 6th month baby milestones soon, if he hasn’t already:


He’ll be rolling around from front to back and back to front, beginning to sit on his own without support, and may bounce when held with weight on his legs. Some babies may begin rocking back and forth as a precursor to crawling.


He knows familiar faces and may dislike being held by strangers – though he loves looking at himself in the mirror! He’ll like to play with others and often responds to their emotions, too.


He’ll be very aware and interested in his surroundings, often craning his neck to look at things nearby, and showing curiosity about his environment. He brings objects to his mouth and is able to pass things from one hand to the other.


He will answer sounds by making sounds of his own, string vowels together (“ah-ah-ah”, “ooh-ooh”), and begin to try out consonant sounds (often m’s, d’s, and b’s). He’ll also start responding to his own name (finally! After all that time you spent picking it!).

[Adapted from the CDC]


Encouraging Development

Six months is a great age to really grow an active, engaged relationship with your child. Bring him to different events and natural settings, describe what you’re seeing, and ask what he’d like to do. Pay attention to his expressions of joy or displeasure to find out which activities he likes best.

Toys that move are fascinating to children this age; encourage your baby to try and move or reach for them. Board books are a fantastic way to spark curiosity and interest, as well as fostering closeness and language development. Simple ones are best – offer a few and see which he prefers!

Small, handheld toys with lots of textures (fuzzy, crinkly, furry, and shiny) will fascinate little ones, and games of funny faces provide endless entertainment.


Recognising Developmental Delays

If, by six months old, your baby isn’t showing affection, reaching for things, responding to sounds, laughing, or rolling over despite engaging him in activities like the above, it’s a good idea to contact your pediatrician.

Many times, delays in milestones are completely normal, as children all progress at their own pace. But if your child is lagging behind in many of these six-month baby milestones, listen to your gut and call the pediatrician to discuss your concerns.


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