9 Months Baby Development Milestones

Baby Developmental Milestones

You’ve been a parent for almost a whole year now. You and your little one have probably developed your own daily routine and you probably feel like a pro at most of the parenting basics – naps, diaper changes, and deflecting well-intentioned advice from strangers in the grocery store. You may even be sleeping more (but also maybe not. Babies sure like to keep us guessing!).

As incredible as it might seem, no matter how much learning you’ve done over the past nine months, your baby has done even more!

Read on to find out about your nine months old baby’s holistic development.


9 Month Developmental Checklist

Your baby will be developing a handful of exciting new skills by the time she’s nine months old:


She’ll be standing, holding on to things, and crawling all over the place. She’ll also be bringing herself into a sitting position all by herself and sitting without support.

Socially / Emotionally:

Preferences develop in the ninth month, so your little one may be afraid of strangers, act clingy with familiar adults, and develop attachments to favorite toys or objects.


She watches the path of somethings as it falls, looks for hidden objects, and puts things in her mouth (sometimes it may seem like she puts everything in her mouth!). She’ll also be moving things smoothly from one hand to the other, and using her thumb and index finger to pick up small objects.


She understands “no” (even if she doesn’t always listen) and makes many different sounds. She tries to copy the sounds and gestures of others, and uses her fingers to point at things.

[Adapted from the CDC]


Encouraging Development

Enabling your child to reach these milestones in her own time is important, but there are also many ways to encourage her to learn these skills.

Help movement by holding your baby’s hands while she stands, allowing her to balance and even begin taking steps if she feels comfortable. Make sure to keep her barefoot as much as possible to allow her feet to grip and develop properly! Give her toys or blocks that she can put in and out of boxes or baskets – improving her motion and fine motor skills as she grasps and moves the objects.

Continue speaking to your baby and mimicking the sounds she makes to have a back-and-forth conversation. She recognizes her own name, and understands emotional differences tone, so this is a great time to use silly voices while reading.

Expose your baby to many new environments and people, even if she’s nervous or clingy at first. Don’t fight the separation anxiety – allow yourself to be a safe space where she can sit or be held until she feels comfortable enough to explore.

This is also a great time to introduce baby sign language – most children between 9-12 months can learn a dozen hand signs, including eat, more, water, hurt, all done, mom, dad, cat, dog, airplane and more. Baby sign language is a fascinating way to communicate with your child before they learn to speak.

Recognising Developmental Delays

If your baby isn’t quite the exploring, babbling, mischief maker that these nine-month milestone skills indicate, don’t panic. Children all develop at their own pace, and many developmental delays will have made themselves known before this age. Still, if you have concerns about your nine-month-old’s development in any of these four areas, book an appointment to speak to your pediatrician. It can never hurt to ask!


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