How (And Why) to Support Breastfeeding Mothers

If you’re an employer, you may wonder why you should devote time and resources to support breastfeeding mothers. It might surprise you to know that while breastfeeding helps new mothers and babies, it can also help you!

Studies have shown that employers who are supportive of mothers who pump or breastfeed can end up saving money in the long run:


  • Employers with supportive breastfeeding policies and resources have a 94% employee retention rate, cutting down on the host of new hires.
  • Breastfed babies are sick half as often as formula fed babies, meaning your employees will miss less work to care for an ill child.
  • Breastfeeding provides both short and long term health benefits for mother and child, meaning far lower healthcare costs for you.
  • Making breastfeeding or pumping easy for your employees means they may feel comfortable coming back to work sooner.


So, how do you create a workplace that supports breastfeeding? Make sure all employees are aware of your supportive policies around nursing and pumping, provide a nursing or pumping room that locks from the inside, and be considerate of nursing breaks. We think you’ll find that breast is best for everyone involved.