Breast is Best – Nourish to Flourish

10 August, 2017

JW Marriott Sahar, Mumbai

RoundGlass Blossom and BabyChakra successfully launched the event attended by over 250 people to connect, learn, and pledge their support for the Nourish to Flourish movement.

Over 20 panelists, including pediatricians,nutritionists, lactation experts, celebrities, and corporates came together to share their expertise and engage in discussion about the joys (and challenges) of providing nutrition for children.


  • Breastfeeding: Challenges & Solutions

  • Mom and Dad Talk – Trusting nature to guide your parenting journey

  • Inclusive Parenting & Breast Milk Donation

  • Beyond Breastfeeding : Early child nutrition

  • Mom Talk: Handling fussy eaters

  • Breastfeeding Anytime, Anywhere


Pledge Lets all take a pledge that we will support exclusive breastfeeding of our children as breastmilk is the best nutrition that we can give to our children

Breastfeeding has been proven to result in smarter, happier, and healthier children. To ensure that every child has the chance to reach their full potential, we’re asking our community to come together and take the Blossom Breastfeeding Pledge.

Through this pledge and other Breast is Best initiatives, we plan to affect 20 million lives by 2020. Does it sound impossible? Not with your help!

Take The Pledge

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