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Mental Wellbeing on Campuses

We're setting a new global standard for mental health and wellbeing. By combining technology and evidence-based tools to increase student's emotional health.

Creating proactive student communities on campuses
Building Communities

Creating proactive student communities on campuses

  • Create safe zones for youth to speak about mental health.
  • Introduce youth to concept of self-help and peer support.
  • Build acceptance and reducing stigma towards help seeking.
Provides access to care to all students
Curated Coaching

Provides access to care to all students

  • Speak to, chat with and get timely advice from expert mental health professionals
  • Get personalized therapy plans and reminders for sessions
  • Get access to articles on youth relevant mental health issues written by renowned experts
Constant monitoring and early identification ensure better therapeutic outcomes
Monitoring & Early Identification

Constant monitoring and early identification ensure better therapeutic outcomes

  • 24 hour monitoring for students.
  • Mood charting for early identification of mental health issues.
  • Assessments to diagnose specific disorders

What are our customers saying?

AMITY University, Mumbai

The activity modules given to me by RG Coaches were very helpful and easy to follow. My mentees found the sessions refreshing, open for discussions without hesitation to put forth their thoughts and feelings

Akshita Malani |AMITY University, Mumbai
SGT University

Sessions by RoundGlass has been immensely helpful. I got to know how about the evolving nature of the field of psychology. My knowledge on skills required by future professionals have changed and I have a broader outlook towards mental health

Dheeraj Ghughty |SGT University
FLAME University

I enjoyed the activities conducted by my Mentor and could open up because she was not judgemental. I could identify my anxieties, express them and others in the session helped me gain a different outlook on the same situation

Kalyani |FLAME University
SGT University

I came to know about the emotions that peers and other youth go through. I gained an understanding about how drug abuse starts and how peer pressure often determines many of youth behaviours

Vishakha |SGT University
St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai

From the RoundGlass session I learned that it is very important to discuss about drug abuse issues in a very objective and non-judgemental way. That can facilitate learning and awareness

Mehal Patni |St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai
St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai

Before the RoundGlass session I used to believe that I was well read on drug abuse and its impacts. But, I realised from the session that I knew very little about it and its consequences

Lizel D’Souza |St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai
AMITY, Mumbai

The trainer from RoundGlass was graceful and she was very good. She made us all feel and realise that we should not judge anyone and empathise with other people

Karan Tamhane|AMITY, Mumbai
AMITY, Mumbai

During my work with RoundGlass I have gained deep insights on varied mental health issues. I got to know how to connect theories to application. The monthly mailers helped me gain knowledge and apply in real life situations

Preksha Rawal|AMITY, Mumbai
AMITY, Mumbai

I have learned how the focus on gaining knowledge helps in shaping up an idea. How to be precise in work and how to present ideas. Open discussions and timely input has helped me increase my knowledge in research

Barsha Parida|AMITY, Mumbai
Comprehensive Solution

The on campus and online initiatives are designed and executed by a team of experts to ensure effectiveness and positive outcomes.

Monthly Campaigns

Campaigns are focused around youth relevant mental health issues helping students not just understand and identify it but also how to deal with it.

Mailers and Social media

Through our bi weekly mailers and daily posts on our social media platforms we engage our students through various mini assessments, opinion polls, surveys and give them personalized feedback.

Campus Touchpoints

Through the year we engage students on campus through youth fests, seminars, workshops and expert talks aimed at creating awareness and enthusiastic participation from students.


Wellbeing Plan For Your College

Capacity Building
  • Training student mentors to be first line of defense on campuses
  • Grooming students to lead mental health sensitization on their campuses
  • Developing life skills among mentors to have better coping skills and empathy.
Campus Engagement
  • Building awareness campaigns and student engagement
  • Creating a proactive atmosphere towards mental health
  • Increasing student participation in mental wellbeing programs
Proactive Mental Health Care
  • Tracking student moods and relevant issues
  • Confidential 1 on 1 support
  • Our experts regularly check in with students and evaluate their mental wellbeing.
Crisis Intervention
  • Identifying students in emotional or behavioural crisis
  • Ensuring adequate peer and social support for crisis
  • Creating protocols on campuses to address crisis

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