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Case Study

A Clinic That Never Sleeps

In a world which is “Always On”, one can’t afford to be unavailable. If my patient is searching for the doctor of their choice, they should be able to find them, and book appointments at convenience.

I have been a doctor for 14 years now, while my old patients still come to me the number new patients had reduced. I was sure it wasn’t the quality of diagnosis which I was providing as my old patients remained really happy. A lot of my fellow physicians were facing the same problem; of absence of new patient footfall.

I soon realised that ‘Technology’ was the tool I had to adopt and adapt to If I wanted to get new patients because patients today find doctors through their smart phones and book appointments on the spot. It was time to build a presence online and let existing and new people know of my practice.
What do you feel was your biggest challenge in going online?

As a doctor we were never trained to use technology to our benefit, other than the hardware and software of MRI and X-ray machines. Moreover, due to multiple commitments: like working as a consultant and managing my own clinic, it often becomes difficult to research on the products which can help boost my practice.

I am fairly old school; to the extent that I still avoid online money transfers or using digital Payment wallets. Incidents of online data theft online are frequent these days so you can understand my scepticism. Being a doctor is stressful as it is, and having to worry about my data is additional and something that I was not ready for.

How difficult was it to start building your presence online?

Fairly simple, and this is coming from a person who doesn’t even have a facebook profile. I was fortunate to find out about RoundGlass Cross through a friend. I reached out to their team and got a call from them in a couple of days. They provided a detailed information about Cross’s background and the vision of the organization. The technical team also got in touch with me to explain about the data safety measures.

It took practically 5 minutes for me to set up my profile, with complete access to edit all details. Today, my patients find me online and its simple to book appointments. An old-school doctor like me with a foot in the new-age door couldn’t be happier.

About the customer:

The doctor is a general physician in Hyderabad with more than 14 years of experience. He is using RoundGlass Cross practice management solution for his pediatric practice.

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