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Case Study

Meet The New Type of Patients

They told me that their last paediatrician in Bangalore did not give them the traditional hand written prescription, and instead diverted them to their phones for the same. Initially, the very thought of having to make a similar change was annoying, but then the rising number of patients asking for digital records and prescriptions made me confront reality.

Y oung, working parents with kids between 3-6 years of age were looking for digital solutions and this was the move I needed to make to add real value to my practice. To keep up with the times and the pace of technology, I set up a website where patients can know all about my practice and also book appointments.

What compelled you to go with RoundGlass Cross?

I took to the simplicity of the user interface. It was clean and straightforward, easy to use even my receptionist who faced a lot of issues while using our previous appointment booking software blended well with it. The customer support team was very helpful too and were always forthcoming to clear all my queries.

The biggest advantage was that my patients were satisfied. All the prescriptions were saved online and they could see it on their (patient) app. They got vaccine and appointment reminders automatically from RoundGlass Cross on my behalf, and all their bills were sent to them through the. I could also keep track of this and view the complete summary of payments at my end. This one digital solution fulfilled all my needs.

How was the experience of becoming a paperless clinic for your patients?

The truth is that it required a little adjustment at first, but the journey has been worth it. My clinic feels less cluttered, I can find files easily and my patients don’t need to carry anything when they come for their consultation. There is a sense of pride in telling  my patients about my budding paperless practice. However, I do give certain patients the pen-scribbled prescription if they insist on it.

About the Customer:

The doctor is a paediatrician in Chandigarh with more than 8 years of experience. She is using RoundGlass Cross practice management solution for child care.

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