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Case Study

The Power of Change

Being a doctor and the owner of a poly-clinic, I am constantly looking to strike a balance between improving my practice and the experience of my patients at the clinic.

My father had opened this nursing home 20 years back, and now it was my turn to run it well and grow the practice. Managing operations in a clinic where most of the doctors are consultants can be tricky. For us, the initial hurdles were : to implement a Hospital Information System to help manage appointments with varying schedules, and a team to work with the consultants to help them get used to digital prescriptions.

Being in a city like Delhi we have to compete with both big multi-speciality hospitals and small clinics. It’s important that the patient experience is at par with our competitors, smooth operations are a major factor for this.

Why not go for an IT solution to manage your operations sooner?

It’s not that we didn’t try, in fact we tried building a customized solution via an IT vendor, but it soon became more of an issue than something which helped me make life easier. I realize the importance of having a good IT solution to streamline operations, but it was never as easy as downloading an app and getting started. It was just too much an effort for me, the staff and the patients consultants to make it all work.

The real problem lay in the fact that we are not a big hospital. A big hospital can invest in apps and can enforce their staff and doctors to use a hospital management solution. We also needed to make sure that our patients and consulting doctors are comfortable with these changes because their support really matters to us. After all, it’s a combination of our efforts that that drives business.

How has the operations makeover been?

It was like downloading an app, though, I must confess getting used to it didn’t seem easy. But the most heartening part of the whole deal was the effort the RoundGlass team puts in — be it technical help, sales or support. They were referred by a friend of mine who runs a poly-clinic himself. They approached me and tried understanding the problems I was facing and then presented the solutions RoundGlass Cross offered. As it turned out, the solution met most of my requirements.

I work with 12 consultants and most of them have tablets of their own. The RoundGlass team held camps and group sessions to explain them how to use the solution. They were really supportive, and in a couple of weeks all my doctors were using the solution effortlessly.

Now when I enter the clinic, it reflects of a technology-backed premises. Doctors prescribe on tabs and iPad, even my receptionist books appointments on a tab. This step up makes me feel good.

About the Customer:

A poly-clinic in the Delhi Janak Puri area. It has 12 doctors as consultants with specialities like family medicine, dentistry, pulmonology and orthopaedics. They are using Cross Polyclinic module to manage the schedule, appointments and prescriptions in their clinic.

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