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Jay Vidyarthi

A meditation teacher who believes it’s possible to live mindfully with technology

As a human-centered designer, Jay Vidyarthi constantly explores merging meditation and technology through projects that focus on mindfulness, compassion, and wellbeing. By sharing relatable insights, he hopes to show that anyone can create a balanced life for themselves even in the digital world.  

Mindfulness Meditations for Attention Activism

Learn how to meditate and reclaim your time online

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A clear vision of wholistic wellbeing.

RoundGlass has a clear vision of wholistic wellbeing as well as how to make this accessible to all people while maintaining extremely high quality and professional content.

Earle Birney
Best Integrated Wellness App!

Absolutely love this app! Easy to use and convenient on-the-go app for my overall wellness. Great music for relaxation. Can’t wait to tell all my friends and family.

Something for everyone’s meditation goals.

There’s something in this app for everyone. I use it for relaxation music while working from home or to learn a new technique or perspective on mediation.

High Quality Relaxing Free Meditations!

I’ve been impressed with this app’s easy-to-use interface, and the quality and diversity of the free meditations. Thanks for creating an awesome new free app! 


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Explore different meditation techniques through mindfulness classes, courses, live sessions, music and more.

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