Call Of The Mountains

Uninhibited interaction with nature, tasting solitude and re-discovering oneself… the Himalayan tales of a renowned musician and an award winning photographer.

In the words of Jane Wilson-Howarth – The Mountains were so wild and so stark and so very beautiful that I wanted to cry. I breathed in another wonderful moment to keep safe in my heart.

This must be somewhat how Shantanu Moitra, National Award Winning musician of Parineeta and Lage Raho Munnabhai fame… and Dhritiman Mukherjee felt as they set forth on their incredible 100 days journeys to the Himalayas.

Shantanu Moitra

All Photographs: Dhritiman Mukherjee

Fueled by a craving to run away from the mundane and give his creative cells some fresh breather, Moitra set out on this odyssey with photographer Dhritiman after reading The Motorcycle Diaries by Che Guevara.

As these two individual totally opposite to each packed their bags, no agenda in mind, all they knew was that it would be be their road to unique discoveries apart from taking them through many amazing landscapes. As travel helps us evolve so it did these two. Says Shantanu: “I was surprised by how accommodating we were, since both Dhriti and I are averse to traveling in groups. I believe what facilitated this cooperation between us was our shared vision to spread awareness about the Himalayan way of life”.


The Himalayas are not for everyone and if you can unveil this mystery it’s no less than winning the world. At 15000ft  Shatanu says, “I found vast emptiness to neutralize my mind, make it a clean slate so that I could start afresh again with the same zeal that I had when I was starting my creative career. When nothing is happening around, your creativity gets a voice. “

Traveling is no less than therapy. For days together when one is not connected with civilization, living with the very basics of life, the phone does not ring, and no one to find you if you lost your way, your perspective changes. When Shantanu was watching the sunset at Sandakphu, the highest point of the Singalila Ridge in Darjeeling district on the West Bengal-Nepal border, all he could hear in his head he shares, was the Oboe (a double reed instrument in the woodwind family)… sounds of silence!

Shantanu Moitra and Dhritiman Mukherjee