You have not experienced Gujarat till you have travelled in one of these!

Yes, there are planes, cars, trains and bikes to take you thousands of miles across the country. But often, to get to your destination, you might have to clamber atop a camel or jump onto a crowded bullock cart. Here are a few alternative transportation options you should try out as you backpack across Gujarat.

Donkey Carts

Whether hauled by donkeys, bullocks or camels, carts are an important mode of transportation in remote villages. Although mostly used for agricultural produce, they also ferry people. It is painfully slow, but it gives you time to enjoy the surroundings.


The chhakda (also known as jugaad) is a unique Indian innovation – the engine of a motorcycle is hitched to a cart or a wagon, creating a makeshift vehicle that can transport dozens of people. Although they can be incredibly noisy, they are sometimes the only mode of public transportation between villages. Also, be prepared to be shocked by the number of people who can fit into the back of a small chhakda.


Nothing beats the fun of riding on a camel as it hobbles along salt flats and sand dunes. Camels can be seen in most parts of Gujarat, though you are most likely to come across them in the Rann of Kutchh. However, sit on a camel for too long and you might end up with a sore posterior.


The tallest peak in Gujarat, Girnar is an important pilgrimage destination for Hindus, Jains and Muslims. Visitors who are too lazy to climb the 1,000-m-tall peak can take a ride in a palanquin. Although not the most comfortable (you are suspended on ropes hitched to a rod), it is an exciting – and easier – way to reach the top.