Play with Laddoos at this unique Holi celebration

Holi celebrations at Radha Rani Temple in Barsana (near Mathura in Uttar Pradesh) begin with a dose of sweetness. Residents perched atop the terrace and platforms of the temple throw laddoos, confectioneries and candies at the crowds below, who jump to catch these blessed offerings.

By Priya Goswami

In the lanes leading to Radha Rani Temple, kids play with name stamps of Radhe Krishna, smearing love and devotion all the way.

Temple staff carry a basketful of laddoos to be thrown at devotees by priests.

A devotee sits at the stairs leading to Radha Rani Temple, her face aglow with the festivities around her.

Devotees at the Satsang Hall of the temple play with dry colors and dance to the tune of Radhe Krishna bhajans (devotional songs) and drums.

Women let loose and enjoy the spirit of the festival.

The bhajan mandali breaks into a song about Lord Krishna and his lover Radha.

A member of a bhajan mandali (devotional music group) plays cymbals.

Temple priests hurl laddoos at the sea of devotees.

Blessings and devotion, all packed in a laddoo.

Like a child everyone wants to catch the treat (laddoo).

After Laddoo Holi, the gates of the Radha Rani Temple open and devotees throng it to offer prayers.