Do not disturb

Katch and B-Zee were hitching a ride on Gopi's bicycle as their bird friends flew over and started complaining. "There's a group of people making loud scary noises in the clearing… We’re scared! …Come and help us!" About turn and off they went, following their feathered friends.
"There they are Gopi," said Jay, the bird leader.
About twenty people were in the clearing. Three cars were parked with doors open and loud music playing. There was a small fire and some of them were trying to cook over it. Bottles and snack packets were strewn around. Another small group was chasing squirrels with catapults.
Gopi was furious!

He charged ahead shouting, “Stop that! You cannot disturb the animals here.”

“Who says so kiddo?” asked one of the men.

“Don’t you see the signs? No fires! No noise! No littering!” Gopi shot back.

“Get moving kid. Mind your own business.”

“This is our business…and yours too!” said Gopi, at the top of his voice.

“He’s right,” said a younger boy, but no one listened to him.

Gopi got onto his cycle and rode to the Forest Office.

“Pa! Come quick!”  He told his father what was happening… the noise, the fire…litter.

Gopi’s father called two rangers and set out following Gopi towards the clearing. The careless group was caught unawares. They couldn’t argue nor act rough now. Pa wrote out charge sheets and collected a big fine from them for breaking the rules of the forest. The forest rangers stood by as they gathered all the litter and placed it in a bag for disposal. They were warned and made to leave the forest immediately.

All the birds cheered in a loud chirpy chorus. Gopi and Pa did a resounding high five, Katch doffed his hat.

Know what these words mean?

Catapult – a Y-shaped stick weapon used for shooting small stones.

Unawares – by surprise

Resounding – loud and clear


All characters created by Dominic D’Cruz & Jerusha Lawrence-D’Cruz

Profile Image: Gopi; Previsualization Storyboard: Jerusha- Lawrence D’Cruz;
Illustration  Animation: Sithesh Govind