Wellbeing of self

Enabling personalized journey of living a lifestyle of Wholistic Wellbeing and Meaningful Living.


Wellbeing of society

Solutions that empower under resourced individuals and communities to live a life of dignity and purpose.


Wellbeing of the Planet

Enabling meaningful programs to create a better environment and surroundings for generations to come.


    An inter-connected ecosystem for parents, caregivers and schools for all around development of children


    A technology-enabled platform for proactive asthma management and data driven clinical decisions for patients and caregivers


    A platform to bring together care seekers and care providers to enable an efficient ecosystem for continuum of care


    A care program to create awareness on mental health and increase the quality of care for students with mental health issues


    A social enterprise platform empowering the giving ecosystem to create greater social impact


    Teaching young players the fundamentals of a sport while wholistically developing them in a positive, fun atmosphere


    Our bouquet of magazines will delve into the lifestyle space and bring to you interesting reads, latest trends, interviews with the sharpest minds and inspiring real life stories


    Come with us on a journey of immersive exploration. Uncover new lands, get inspired, share stories and travel responsibly. Be a participant, not a passerby.


    Rediscover the natural world through our wildlife and conservation stories. Save the future of our planet by helping Samsara conserve and sustain this home we love. Get inspired by nature.


    A national celebration of youth mental health to bring about awareness, acceptance and holistic care to the forefront


    Curated experiential journeys across a variety of themes with a mission to inspire and provide an authentic experience


    The Nourish to Flourish movement jointly initiated by RoundGlass Blossom and BabyChakra

    Wellbeing Festival

    Largest collaboration within RoundGlass Ecosystem for celebration of wellbeing

    Death Over Dinner

    How we want to die is the most important conversation we avoid having. Join us for an uplifting interactive adventure that transforms this difficult conversation into deep engagement and empowerment

    Women Teach Men

    Women Teach Men is the opportunity for men to learn from women through retreats and digital storytelling


    Recognising musicians who create music for wellness, peace & environmental consciousness


    An international environmental film festival organised to search for our planet's most enlightened filmmakers


A journey towards celebrating life, relationships and experiences


Be part of the movement towards Wellbeing & Meaningfulness

Enabling the Journey of
"Wholistic Wellbeing & Meaningful Living™"


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Empowering people to
live their journey of Wellbeing

At RoundGlass we believe that wellbeing is fundamental to thriving, and life satisfaction. We understand that change at scale must start with motivating and transforming individuals to live a life of wellbeing and meaningfulness.


Wholistic, Personal, Continuous

We realized that today’s care systems, which predominantly are ‘disease-care’ or ‘sick-care’ systems coupled with the lifestyles that we lead, require us to look at approaches and solutions beyond the current scope of the healthcare industry, solutions and institutions.

First, we place individuals at the center of our approach.
Second, our approach is based on Wellbeing & Meaningful Living.
Third, we address issues, stakeholders, and impact wholistically.
Fourth, we leverage all tools available to humankind.
And finally, our approaches and solutions should move the needle towards celebrating life, relationships and experiences.

Here at Roundglass, we engage the Journey of Wellbeing through Live, Give and Sustain.


Wellbeing of Self

LIVE enables a personalized journey of living a lifestyle of Wellbeing.

Towards Betterment

We at RoundGlass are enabling Wellbeing across various aspects of your life. Wherever you start, RoundGlass will support you on your path to living well.

Beyond Conditions

Our chronic care (or as we love to call it ‘lifestyle dis-eases’) solutions offer doctors, patients, caregivers and family members a way to collaboratively track, manage and control to either minimize or stop the progression of chronic diseases in patients using a information rich, collaborative and fun-filled platform.

Nurturing the Future

Our parenting solutions enable parents, caregivers and academic institutions to nurture healthy and happy children by focusing on wellbeing.


Wellbeing of Society
To Whom Much is Given, Much More is Expected

Creating and enabling solutions that empower under resourced individuals and communities to live a life of dignity and purpose.

We are all inter-connected. As individuals we are networked with others through our daily interactions and environment. We believe that selfless giving is an integral part of how we journey through the world of Wellbeing.

To Love is to Give Back & Giving is Selfless

RoundGlass GIVE solutions are based on a simple philosophy of selfless giving. Through various not-for-profit solutions and initiatives, RoundGlass is spearheading a change in how all of us nurture, protect and uplift the future of underprivileged children, their community and environment.


Wellbeing of the Planet
Love Nature

Enabling meaningful programs to create a better environment and surroundings for generations to come.

While embarking on this purpose and as our community grows, we need to think about our individual and collective footprint. As individuals, we need to rethink how we live and our impact on the planet.

Live Sustainably

We believe that the only way we will successfully achieve our purpose is by integrating sustainability into our lives and encouraging individuals within our community to make sustainable living an everyday choice.