Less stress, more wellbeing, for students

We partner with colleges and universities to increase the quality of care for students experiencing mental health issues.

  • Current Problem

    Access to clinical care is the most pressing mental health issue on school campuses today. The immediate demand for clinical services for mental health on campus exceeds the current capacity of mental health providers.

  • Our Approach

    We are partnering with world-class institutions to provide access to best in class mental health services to scale identification and treatment to students at risk.

  • Our-Solution

    Peace aspires to set a new global standard for mental health and wellbeing by integrating technology and evidence-based models to achieve optimal emotional and behavioral outcomes for students.

A Holistic Approach to Mental Wellbeing

A multi-faceted approach makes RoundGlass Peace uniquely suited to positively affect the mental health and wellness of students.


The facts about stress, anxiety, depression and mental health stigma

Access to Care

Direct access to mental health experts and trained counselors

Peer Community

Moderated social forums for networking with peers on common life challenges

Monitoring & Evaluation

Discreet and confidential platform for monitoring student mental health

Preventative Screening

Early identification focuses resources and gets help to at risk students faster

Skill Building

On-campus education programs introduce, demonstrate and reinforce mental wellbeing and fitness while building employable skills

Crisis Intervention

On campus protocols for crisis intervention and suicide prevention

Campus Engagement

Group activities to increase healthy peer interaction and support networks


An App for Wellbeing

The RoundGlass Peace app provides students with features to assess, care for, and restore their mental wellbeing; with integrated therapy, content, and community.


Together we can make a difference

We are committed to cultivating the emotional resilience of students, to cope with everyday pressures, enjoy life, and achieve academic success.

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