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RoundGlass Sports Enabling Holistic Wellbeing & Meaningful Living

With close to 5000+ employees spread across three locations pan India and from different generations altogether, conventional wellbeing programs were not on our radar. We needed a platform that could address the needs of different demographics and work profiles with a fresh perspective .
The Challenges

Unisys was facing the following challenges before Roundglass Reach was deployed :
1) Associates at Unisys work in various shifts which made it very difficult for the organization to run programs to engage every one. Those working in night shifts had very different wellbeing needs compared to those in other shifts given the timing of their work. They had to be engaged differently compared to others.
2) Unisys wanted to minimize co- ordination efforts across multiple vendors for different programs.

The Roundglass Reach Approach

Roundglass Reach helped Unisys carve out different habit based engagement strategies for different shifts.The habits identified were meaningful for associates working in those shifts.

For example those working in night shifts were engaged with habits for helping them sleep better during day, being more energetic during night, work life balance etc. while those working in day shift were engaged with habits related to better morning routines, mindfulness, productivity etc.

Also, all of the customized programs across all shifts, were delivered via Roundglass Reach’s cloud and mobile app thus removing the need to have multiple vendors.

Outcomes Delivered

In the first 12 months, Roundglass Reach was able to engage over 65% of Unisys associates across all shifts with habits designed for them. The platform witnessed close to 10,000+ healthy habits taken up by the employees.

The habit formation data was analyzed against the leave data of associates and the results showed that those engaged on the platform took statistically significant less leaves. The study further quantified the saving from leave savings amounted to a staggering 194% ROI.

Roundglass Reach – The Differentiator

Roundglass Reach, being a native digital platform, is extremely scalable and is location agnostic. It is so modular in nature that it offers the user to choose What they want to do, Where they want to do and When they want to do.

The platform helps you track your behaviours and also engage with your social network within your organization to embark on a journey of getting better; together. It is so user friendly that organic engagement within workplace is a natural by-product once you have deployed Reach. Even at Unisys, we witnessed a healthy 15% month-on-month increase in engaged associates at workplace.

From an organizational standpoint, the room for customization that Roundglass Reach offers is immense. It is one of the key features that sets Reach apart from conventional wellbeing products. Moreover, the Reach team is extremely responsible and responsive. Their understanding of an organization’s needs from a wellness lens is highly commendable.

About The Customer

Unisys Corporation is an American global information technology company based in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, that provides a portfolio of IT services, software, and technology. Unisys is a global information technology company that solves complex IT challenges for some of the world’s largest companies and government organizations. Unisys has been using Roundglass Reach for over 2 years for all of its India locations.