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RoundGlass Sports Enabling Holistic Wellbeing & Meaningful Living

With almost 70% of our workforce based at various client locations, seamlessly engaging employees beyond just corporate offices was a growing concern. We needed a platform that was robust enough to break down boundaries and heighten employee engagement for us.
The Challenges

JLL was facing a two-fold challenge before Roundglass Reach was deployed :

One, the organization had become huge and managed a headcount of about 10,000 employees.Over 70% of these worked at client locations and therefore traditional onsite engagement activities were not very effective. JLL was looking for ways to engage employees seamlessly across all locations.

Two, the insurance claims data showed a year on year increase in lifestyle diseases like diabetes and heart diseases. Due to this the employees were taking more sick leaves. This not only disrupted the regular workflow but also added extra pressure and responsibilities on those who were present.This further led to stress and fatigue at workplace.

Why Roundglass Reach?

We were internally brainstorming on creating an engagement platform for employees to solve for problem one and also to engage services of a wellness vendor to address the stress and health related challenges. It is then we came across Roundglass Reach and it answered both of our problems coherently.

Roundglass Reach helped us rollout a habit based wellbeing program that addressed the wellness goals that we had and the social features on the platform facilitated collaboration and interaction across teams that were in different locations.

Employees could use the platform to not only take simple challenges but also invite their team members to participate in it along with them. They were able to even engage in fun challenges and community based interaction with other colleagues.

This helped us break the individual silos that were created and fostered a sense of meaningful collaboration beyond work. Moreover since Roundglass Reach was an online tool available on both web and mobile, it made seamless rollout of the initiative across all locations very easy for us.

Outcomes Delivered

In the first 6 months, Roundglass Reach was able to engage over 2000 employees spread across 25 locations. Over 3700 new habits were collectively formed by the member employees which helped them bring down the stress levels. The engagement is growing at more than 15% month on month, driven by organic campaigns across teams in various locations. The HR department was also nominated for the internal innovation award because of the initiative.

Roundglass Reach – The Differentiator

What we most like about Roundglass Reach is that the platform is very user focused. So once you start engaging with it, the platform is intuitive enough to help you sustain the engagement through effective content, reminders and social nudges. The tool is very versatile and helps employees choose habits across multiple focus areas like mindfulness, healthy eating, fitness, work life balance etc. This versatility makes it an effective engagement tool for a large organization like ours.

We also liked the fact that the platform is very customizable and the engagement activities done via Roundglass Reach are aligned to the need of the organization. Roundglass Reach has done a great job in understanding the evolving needs of JLL and customize the activities based on it. Beyond the platform, the Roundglass Reach team is also very innovative with respect to proactively suggesting new activities that can be done via the platform. The team has helped craft an effective engagement calendar to ensure that the platform is used efficiently and that the initiative remains on top of everyone’s mind.

About The Customer

Jones Lang LaSalle Incorporated or JLL is an American professional services and investment management company specializing in real estate. Global headquarters are located in Chicago, with an operational remit covering the Americas regional market. JLL has been using Roundglass Reach in India for over 10,000 employees spread in 30+ locations.