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RoundGlass Sports Enabling Holistic Wellbeing & Meaningful Living

Executing a holistic employee wellbeing program in a conventional manner means coordinating with various vendors and many layers of redundant communication. A wellbeing program should aim at enhancing efficiency and not dissipating it.
The Challenges

HP Inc. (India) was facing the following challenges before Roundglass Reach was deployed :

1) HP Inc. had a very clearly defined and holistic well-being strategy spanning across areas like fitness, diet, emotional wellness etc. However, they faced challenges in consolidating the delivery of all these programs across various vendors and location.

2) The communication for most of the programs were also independent of each other thus directing employees to different vendors for different programs. Employees were not able to see a unified program delivery.

The Roundglass Reach Approach

First, Roundglass Reach helped HP Inc. create an activity calendar spanning across all its initiatives and the same was made available online on the platform for employees to access at any time. This helped in creating a unified view of all activities that were planned and helped in reducing the communication effort.

Second, based on the focus areas identified, Roundglass Reach created habit based campaigns that were delivered via the online platform. This helped HP Inc. unify engagement across all its program on one single platform. This further facilitated smoother implementation of the initiatives and removed the need for extra co- ordination.

Outcomes Delivered

By aggregating the engagement across all the programs on Roundglass Reach, the communication effort was reduced by over 40%. Also the total number of communication sent out to employees was reduced by over 30%.

In the first 6 months since the launch, over 2500 different habits were formed by employees across areas like healthy eating, fitter living, stress management, work life balance etc. thus unifying engagement across all aspects of HP Inc.’s strategy.

About The Customer

HP Inc is a global firm headquartered in US that develops personal computers, printers and related supplies. HP Inc. (India) has been using Roundglass Reach for over 2 years for all of its India locations.