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RoundGlass Rise is a social enterprise platform enabling mission-driven individuals
and organizations to create greater social impact
Tools for Nonprofits
Intuitive and easy to use
RoundGlass Rise tools help fundraise for a cause, help grow your support base, and engage the community

Online Fundraising

Effectively engage with your supporters and grow your network to meet the goals


simplified way of creating and running fundraising campaigns


to raising more money online

Branded Fundraising

microsites to build trust, engage supporters and reach your goals

Online Presence

Strengthen your online presence and your brand with fully integrated and customizable web development, publishing and hosting

Rise Canvas

enables easy creation and maintenance of your organizations website

Custom Fundraising

Fully customized and branded fundraising website solution integrated with organizations’ corporate website

Initiatives and Interaction
Beyond Digital
We combine the power of offline with online interactions to create powerful connections between individuals, causes, and the community with our initiatives; we help you share compelling, meaningful stories to build true champions for a cause
Our Community
Helping individuals, non-profits and foundations across the globe

The average age of Readathon champions is 10 yrs and we on boarded 100 new champions this year. This is a testimony to the easy of adoption of Risefundraiser for anyone who wish to fundraise.

Bala Venkatachalam
Executive Director,,
Pratham USA

For Give Local, we needed a technology platform that was customizable, easy to adopt and share information. Rise custom solution helped improving transparency, encouraging community participation. Proving it to be best solution for us.

Mindie Reule
Programs Director,,
Community foundation SPS

Digital campaigns have become an important medium for non-profits to connect with their supporters. Rise platform is a pleasant enabler of this connection through beautiful online experience.

Karishma Duggal
Campaign Manager,
Satyarthi Foundation