Music for Impact

A program aimed to raising awareness and securing funds for humanitarian causes. Designed to engage artists and individuals from all over the world who would not only volunteer time, but also donate their precious work for the sake of change and creating greater social impact, through awareness and fundraising
Nirvana Live 2017
First in the series, roundglass rise partnered with Kavita Seth, a well know name in Sufi music in the Indian subcontinent to raised funds for women empowerment and girl education focused nonprofits. A concert dedicated in memory of her late husband, Kavita donated all the proceeding from ticket sales to fundraiser
Participating organizations

Wellbeing Festival

As individuals we are networked through interactions and environment, that constitutes individual’s wellbeing. Selfless giving is an integral part of how we journey through the world of wellbeing
Wellbeing Festivals has become one such interaction to create consciousness about giving
Invoke an enquiry about giving in audience mind. People give for many reasons, and for any action we see a reaction, act of giving evokes emotions. Help audience understand their own giving habit
The power of giving
through facilitation of
Act of giving
Encourage audience to participate in act of giving and ask for them to observe the change in receiver’s behavior

Creating Awareness

Are you an artist, musician or die-hard supporter of a cause? Tell us how would you like to contribute to the cause – Donate your work, connect with other musicians to donate a concert or simply help us promote a cause.