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TARA Homes Child Protection and Empowerment


Along with autonomy, and competence most of us thrive on sense of propose; without it we lose our way and become demotivated and depressed. This campaign gives participants a purpose, a healthier outlook on life —theirs and others

A TARA Kids Supporter
Saamir Gupta

A TARA Kids Supporter,
Tara Foundation


Saamir set out to raise about Rs.250,000 to cover yearly expenses three TARA Kids. Driving fundraising through fitness, Saamir setup an online fitness and fundraising challenge in parallel on

Saamir leveraged peer-to-peer fundraising type as it provided a central location for all information for participants — online tool with ability to setup, group & on-board participants quickly. The connectivity and communication across diverse locations was made easy with built-in tools for social sharing, updates and emailing. Showcasing individuals and team participation — champion pages, team pages, team and champion leaderboards displaying goals/results helped crafting personalized appeal, contributing to its success.

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Tara Kids

TARA is a residential service with an emphasis on education for vulnerable children, whose families cannot provide them with a home. These families are from desperate situations. Most children from such homes, struggle to get life’s basics — nutrition, shelter and education. Leading them to live marginalized & compromised childhood on streets. TARA provides shelter, care and education to about 100 children every year ranging from age 2 – 20 through various program.

Child welfare & education
3 children a year
Rs 25000. 125% of original goal
New Donors
152 new donors through onecampaign
Product Used
RISEFUNDRAISER (Peer-to-peer fundraising)