Enjoy. Experience. Enrich.

We are committed to enriching the lives of the children of Punjab by providing them with a platform to enjoy sports. In addition, we also intend to improve their overall sports experience.

We provide world-class grassroots programs in Football and Hockey run by certified coaches, who focus on instilling the core values of discipline, teamwork, respect and integrity.


We believe that sport is instrumental in a child’s personal and social development

RoundGlass Sports is a platform that enables children to develop their creativity, decision-making coordination and technical skills and hence, their characters; with sport being the catalyst.


At RoundGlass Sports, we believe in catching them young, so as to give them maximum mileage in the long run. This is why we aim to reach out to the youngest members of the local community and make sure they get the best possible introduction to the sport.


Parents value the physical, social and emotional growth that sports uniquely offers. Consistent and positive sports experiences rooted in quality, strengthen the bond between parents and their children. The safe and fun environment offered by RG Sports, rejuvenates this precious relationship.


What it takes to be in the top leagues?
Kick it like your favorite football star?
Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Ronaldinho or the great legends like Pele & Maradona, all of them are some of the finest footballers of all times. They have their own style of showing brilliance on the football field, which makes them all-time greats. If you wish to play like a pro then following the master steps of the greats, and learning the way they play is a good way to improve the game. Here’s how to play like them: Cristiano Ronaldo The master of knuckling the ball in a style of his own, Ronaldo’s frenetic pace and his exceptional ability to blister pass the defender, sets him apart from the rest of the field. There’s a lot to learn about his quick-moves, skills with the ball, scissor-shot, fearless attitude, and relentlessness. Though it’s not easy to match the caliber of Cristiano, one can surely try to play a bit like Cristiano by learning from his game. Lionel Messi There’s absolutely no one who can dribble the ball as swiftly as Messi. His ability to dribble across the top of the box or blow between two defenders when it appeared like there was absolutely no space to move is just commendable. To play like Messi, one needs to learn to dribble as speedily as possible along with the knack of cutting the ball with utmost brilliance. The way he bursts past the defenders is something that every young footballer needs to emulate. If you want to learn from a certified coach and become a professional footballer?
3 years ago
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