A Question that changed coach Amrit’s life

A Question that changed coach Amrit’s life

I fell in Love with the game of football while growing up. I had a big dream of making it to the top leagues. However, it seemed that God had other plans for me. I couldn’t pursue football professionally earlier
in my life as circumstances were not in my favor. However, this didn’t stop me from following my heart later on.

One Question Ignited my Football Passion yet again!

As most of us, I also opted for a ‘stable career’ rather than Sports. Hence, I enrolled in an MBA program with the mindset of leading a ‘settled’ life.

But, one question in my MBA exam sheet resulted in an epiphany that changed my life forever. The question was about my aspiration. I kept looking at the question as though it were directed at me specifically. That pivotal moment reignited my passion for football, and things were never the same again. It was at that very moment I decided to follow my passion for football. I knew that the road ahead would not be easy – after all, I’d traded the ‘stable’ career for an uncertain one.

I got certified as a football coach, in order to pursue my childhood dream of being involved with football. Thus, I embarked on a fulfilling journey. I have successfully completed FA level 1 certification, and am now an FA International licensed coach.

I work to shape the future of football in Punjab, because I know that Indian footballers can make it big in the International circuit, if they are trained well.

I feel humbled to be able to guide and share my knowledge with the country’s budding footballers. Being on the football field brings out the best in me.

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