Favorites of RGF Coaches?

Favorites of RG Football Coaches

Every coach draws inspiration from the great of the game. Ever wondered who could be the favorite coaches of our loved RG Football coaches?

Here are your answers-

1. Coach Devan – Though Devan is an avid Inter Milan fan; when it comes to favorite coaches, he is fond of– Jurgen Klopp, Antonio Conte, and Jose Mourinho. These coaches have various characteristics that win the heart of their fans, players, and the club owners. Devan likes the passion and energy of Klopp, and Conte’s ability to instruct and strategize till the final whistle. And, he loves Mourinho’s mental strength that allows him to adapt to different

2. Coach Robbie – Being an avid Fulham fan, Robbie admires the way Coach Chris Coleman managed the Fulham team a few years ago. Presently managing Wales, Coleman helped them reach the semis at the Euro Championships.
It was a dream run for Wales, as they were touted as underdogs. Coleman’s confidence and trust in his players, and
his ability to give freedom differentiate him from his contemporaries.

3. Coach Amrit – A die-heart Arsenal fan, Amrit admires the training methodology of Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger. Over the years, his team has played the best counter attacking football, collectively. Arsene’s philosophy to look for penetrative passes and to attack opponents with speed, makes him stand out. He provides young players with opportunities, which has made stars out of lesser known players.

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