Handle injuries with utmost care – Coach Devan

Handle injuries with utmost care – Coach Devan Daniel

As per our Coach Devan Daniel, injuries are a part of every sportsperson’s life but they need to be handled with utmost care. According to him, it is absolutely heartbreaking when you have to stay out of the field for a long-duration due to injury. As you not only lose the conditioning but the development that you had made, pauses as well. The worst part is that your morale goes low. A player goes out of rhythm which hampers the continuity.

However, the game of football teaches you how to pick yourselves up, and to regain the lost strength and rhythm after falling down. Taking proper care of the injuries, and ensuring suitable treatment really helps to get over the obstacle named ‘injury’ pretty well. Football also teaches to offer a hand to your opponent and how to support your teammate whenever required.

But, if you miss any important event or tournament due to injury than it becomes really depressing. Dealing with that disappointment of missing the event for which you had prepared so much can become a task as well. And, if you have to leave a live match because of injury, then that burning sensation in your heart hurts more than the injury.

The best way to deal with all the negative emotions that arise due to the physical damage is to try and gain positivity from whichever source that’s available. Just sit down and think about all your companions who sit and cheer for you while you play. So, now it is your turn to give back to them by doing the same.

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