How did Coach Robbie Bergo fall in Love with Football?

How did Coach Robbie Bergo fall in Love with Football?

Coach Robbie Bergo, one of most energetic football coaches, has been playing the game since he was four. Robbie was introduced to football by his grandfather. In fact, one could say that football runs in his blood, since he hails from a football-loving family.

As a four-year-old, he accompanied his grandad to Craven Cottage in London, to watch a match. Craven Cottage is the home of the Fulham Football Club, and coach Robbie has been supporting the team since then. Neither Robbie nor his grandad knew that this trip to Craven Cottage would keep him glued to the game of football, forever. Robbie developed a deep connection with the game, and has been actively involved with it since.

During the early part of his football career, Robbie attended Tottenham Hotspur F.C.’s youth academy in London. Later, he played football in Italy, England and Spain.

He stayed in India till the age of 10, and developed a bond with the country. Hence, he decided to shape the future of football in India. A qualified UEFA grassroots coach, Robbie has been giving his all to the youngsters here. He wishes to see them become future football champions.

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