Instill determination and Utmost precision: Coach Amritpal’s Coaching Philosophy!

Determination and Precision: Coach Amritpal’s Coaching Philosophy!

Coach Amritpal Singh Sidhu is known for his soft-spoken mannerism, as well as his dedication to the sport. He coaches the youngsters with utmost precision. Amrit’s coaching philosophy is to instill quiet determination in his players. He teaches them ways of mastering penetrative passes, and techniques of attacking opponents with sheer speed.

He also allows his trainees to follow their instincts on the football field. Just like his idol Arsenal coach Arsene Wenge, he likes the attacking moves, and he teaches his trainees different ways to counter attack. He believes in the power of trust. Therefore, he never misses an opportunity to exhibit the same to his trainees. His genuine love for the game gives him that extra energy to do more than a regular coach.

Apart from teaching the necessary football skills to his trainees, coach Amrit also instills in them, the sportsman spirit.

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