What it takes to be in the top leagues?

What it takes to be in the top leagues?

Every aspiring Indian football player dreams of kicking the ball in Indian Soccer League or one of the top European Leagues. Those thunderous stadiums, reverberating chants, and the feeling of playing for hotshot clubs is something that every footballer craves for.

But what it takes to be there?

As we all know, football is a game full of passion, hence, immense zeal and love for the game are required to get selected by the top teams. Fortunately, human body and mind are capable of incredible feats, and sports offer players a way to channel the personal growth into something remarkable and positive. Therefore, a right amalgamation of exceptional football skills and mental capacity is required to beat the odds. As per Coach Robbie, to play at the top level one should be physically and mentally prepared for challenges, and to never give up at any cost. Both fitness levels and technical capabilities should be up to the mark.

And, according to Coach Devan, apart from the basic 4 requisites- technical, tactical, psychological and coordinative skills, the ability to have a strong vision, and the aptitude of making important decisions are equally necessary as well. So, before you kick-start your football journey, just be prepared to give it all that you’ve got! If you have aspirations to play in the top leagues and want to train with the best coaches, you can write to us at sports@round.glass.

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