Reels of Change

Showcasing movies from around the world, the film festival highlighted the negative impacts of human action, and ways of restoration

Text by Vineeth Mario Vincent

Film is one of the most effective ways of spreading a message. The 10-day RoundGlass Samsara Festival included a four-day Film festival from October 2-5, which provided a platform for environmentally conscious filmmakers from around the world. Each film shown during the festival shared powerful points of view on the threats facing our planet, and the ways in which we can treat it better.

The festival brought the work of many young filmmakers into focus. The film Sea Of Life by Julia Barnes is a story about the 16-year-old filmmaker and her mission to save the oceans of the world. She has travelled to more than seven countries, documenting their spectacular marine ecosystems and the human-induced destruction taking place there.

Eagle Whisperer showcased the true story of one man and his passion to save the big birds of prey from extinction. The filmmakers followed Pierre Schmidt for two years, documenting his love and dedication for eagles, to tell a story that has inspired many others.

Many international films were showcased at the festival, but there were a few Indian films that caught everyone’s attention. Elephants in the Coffee was one such film, about the problems faced by elephants that visit coffee plantations. It was refreshing to look at the problem from an animal’s point of view!

We have all heard how precious water is, and how we should not waste it. Hearing this warning so many times has probably left us numb, and Every Drop Counts is a film that shakes viewers out of that torpor.

What would animals say if they could talk or send us a message? That’s the very intriguing premise behind Message of the Animals, a film about different creatures and their last message to anyone who is listening.

Operation Mayfly is the inspirational story of an individual and his quiet fight to save the oft-ignored mayfly. The nemesis in this film is a gigantic, brightly lit bridge. Find out how human construction can become barriers for small creatures.

We’ve all heard about the natural wonder called the Sundarbans; how dense, dangerous and impenetrable this mangrove forest really is. But what about the people living in this region? Sundarbans gives us a glimpse into the lives of the fishermen and the honey collectors who call this mysterious forest their home.

Imagine a world with just one tree left and one human who embarks on a journey to look for it. Sounds bleak? Shubham Nimbarte’s short film The Last Tree shows viewers the importance of the trees we have around us now.

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