Turtle Trouble on the Brahmaputra

Though the endangered Assam roofed turtle receives legal protection at par with the Bengal tiger, it is still poached for the illegal pet trade and its eggs collected for consumption

Rhinos Without Borders

The conservation story of the rhino has been a happy one. However, collective action by rhino-range countries is critical to the future growth and survival of the one-horned giant

The Owlet Who Craved the Sun

This fascinating Odia tale is from Animalia Indica, edited by Sumana Roy, which is a collection of the finest fiction short stories centred around animals

An Evening of Inspiration through Art

The Art exhibition at UB City was a visual treat of India’s rich wildlife and biodiversity created by diverse artists and photographers

The Rare Hawkmoths of Ladakh

Rediscovering the sea buckthorn hawkmoth in Ladakh after a hundred years, plus a glimpse of other nocturnal hawkmoths of the region

Cornered but not Defeated

Sustained conservation efforts and community engagement is critical to save the lion-tailed macaque and its disappearing habitat