Cornered but not Defeated

Sustained conservation efforts and community engagement is critical to save the lion-tailed macaque and its disappearing habitat

Rethinking Hunting in Northeast India

When you hear the words ‘hunting’ and ‘Northeast India’, you probably imagine gory images of dead animals and birds being sold openly in markets and roadsides. But what really is the story behind these images, and how did we get here?

In Search of One Hundred Rhinos

Wet, swampy grasslands cover two-thirds of Assam’s Kaziranga National Park providing refuge to many vulnerable species, including the planet’s largest population of greater one-horned rhinos

How a Group of Men Saved Elephants by Talking to Them

In The Vanishing, wildlife writer and conservationist, Prerna Singh Bindra speaks of critical challenges that confront India’s wildlife, interspersed with a few stories of resistance and hope

The Greater Adjutant’s All-Woman Army

The greater adjutant has been called many things — ugly, filthy, a bone-swallowing bad omen — until Purnima Devi Barman, and her army of 2OO women, decided to adopt the endangered bird

The Teeming Wildlife of a Garbage Dump

In The Wild Heart of India, biologist and writer TR Shankar Raman points out that what we consider wild is not just found in faraway forests, but also in our backyards, or even in a stinking dumping ground on the fringes of a city