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RoundGlass Journey


We live in a world where we have all and more than we need. Still, our lives are more stressful than ever. The stress takes a toll on us, and the people we love. We start seeking peace, and we look for it everywhere except where it truly is – within ourselves.


RoundGlass has embarked on a journey to promote and support the significance of wholistic wellbeing.


At RoundGlass, we view wellbeing as fundamental to living. We are a community of catalysts, driven towards enabling people to transform their lives through wellbeing and meaningful living. We aim to democratize healthcare by empowering and motivating individuals to be responsible for their wellbeing.

Experience Zones

Child Development & Parenting

Holistic Personalized Approach To Raising Your Children

Every child’s journey is unique, from who they are today to who they will become tomorrow. They need bespoke support to realized their full potential. RoundGlass Blossom connects the three important stakeholders in a child’s life - parents, teachers, and pediatricians – so that they work in unity to support a child's holistic development. Learn about tools & solutions developed specifically to achieve all-round development of children so they grow happy & healthy

General Wellbeing

Your Wellbeing

Holistic Personalized Approach To Your Wellbeing

Find out how your DNA analysis impacts different aspects of your physical wellbeing such as nutrition, fitness, health, allergies etc. Embrace healthy habits, and receive nutrition and fitness plans tailored to your unique make up. These plans are based on your unique parameters such as blood data, genetic data, lifestyle and dietary habits.

Chronic Conditions

Chronic Care

Holistic Personalized Approach To Diabetes, Asthma, Mental Health

Chronic conditions such as diabetes, asthma, and hypertension can be difficult to manage every day; considering the many expected and unexpected variables involved. At RoundGlass, we enable people to take proactive steps to manage their chronic conditions. We have created cutting-edge solutions for Chronic Condition Management (CCM) to help you live a fulfilling life.



Raising Funds For Social Giving

Our wellbeing is connected to the wellbeing of our community and our environment. At RoundGlass Rise, we believe that selfless giving, through money, time, or skill, is an integral part of the journey of wellbeing. RoundGlass Rise is a social enterprise platform to facilitate the experience of giving by simplifying fundraising. Our technology empowers you and those you give to creates greater social impact through increased visibility, network amplification and improved efficiency.

RoundGlass Fellows


Improving Collective Wellbeing

RG Fellows is a year-long fellowship program that supports and mentors’ social entrepreneurs who improving collective wellbeing. RoundGlass Fellows - Akshay Nanavati and Krittika Sharma share their meaningful wellbeing initiatives – from teaching others to embrace fear to define their journey, and changing the culture and journey of dying.


Sushmita Sen

Sushmita Sen

Former Miss Universe

Sushmita Sen, former Miss Universe, an eminent Bollywood personality, and a mother of two; is the quintessential beauty with brains. Her name symbolizes elegance, beauty, kindness, love, and humility. She’s an inspiration to everyone who believes in creating a dream canvas way bigger than life itself.

The former Miss Universe will join us to share her wellbeing journey, and her thoughts on the connection between wellness, happiness, and success.

Cyrus Broacha

Cyrus Broacha

The Funnyman

A comedian, TV anchor, theatre personality, political satirist, columnist, and yes, India’s best prankster; Cyrus Broacha is the one who can make anyone laugh. Apart from regularly working in some of India’s most popular TV channels, Cyrus is on a journey to spread the magic of laughter and happiness as his contribution to wellbeing therapy for his audiences. Cyrus will tell us how wellbeing has impacted his life, and how healthy living has made his life fulfilling.

Pooja Bedi

Pooja Bedi

Actor/Award winning relationship columnist

A Mumbaikar by birth, Pooja Bedi is well-known for her vivacious personality. Whilst bringing up her two children, Aalia and Omar; Pooja has also thrived in her career. She has performed in shows all over the world, hosted popular TV shows and been part of various acclaimed campaigns. Pooja will speak about the connection between mental, emotional and physical wellbeing, and takes you through a powerful guided meditation to strengthen your relationships.

Raageshwari Loomba Swaroop

Actor, Singer & Yoga Expert

Raageshwari was struck with Bells’ Palsy in 2000, at the peak of her career. How she overcame it and started her journey into mind-power is a fascinating story. She has worked with Jack Canfield (author of Chicken Soup for the Soul), the Late Louise Hay and the Chinese Master Zhi Gong Sha. She is also the Peace Ambassador between Pakistan and India for children, and has rescued children from terrorist training camps.

Venerable Tenzin Gyurmey Rinpoche

Incarnated Lama

Rinpoche has been studying Buddhist philosophy for more than 12 years. He explains ‘Tonglen’ practice – exchanging self for others – one of the main meditation techniques to develop genuine love and compassion, that encompasses all living beings without exception. He also had the rare opportunity of serving as the English interpreter for His Holiness in numerous teachings attended by thousands.

Sadia Saeed Raval


Sadia Raval is the Founder & Chief Psychologist at the Inner Space Counseling Centre. She has had a practice of 14 years. In her 14-year practice, she has done individual psychotherapy, marital therapy, therapy for psychological disorders and mindfulness workshops for individuals and corporates. She has been a visiting teaching faculty for psychology at the Nair Hospital Department for Physiotherapy and in S.N.D.T University – Department of Nutrition.

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