The Wellbeing Festival

At the RoundGlass Festival of Wellbeing, masters, change-makers, and community joined together amidst the idyllic tropics of Bengaluru, India to discover the wellspring of wellbeing within each of us.

Through interactive and participatory experiences, festival-goers explored innovations in science, technology, and wellness emerging from the RoundGlass ecosystem, spurring an exchange of ideas beyond the traditional definitions of health and medicine and restoring a true sense of wellbeing.


Wholistic Wellbeing and Meaningful Living

We live in a world where we have more than we need. Still, our lives are more stressful than ever, taking a toll on us and the people we love. When we begin seeking peace, many of us look everywhere except where it truly is – within ourselves.

RoundGlass has embarked on a journey to promote and support wholistic wellbeing.
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At RoundGlass, we view wellbeing as fundamental to living. We are a community of catalysts, inspiring people to transform their lives through wellbeing and meaningful living. We aim to democratize healthcare by empowering and motivating individuals to discover the power of wellbeing within themselves.

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The RoundGlass Wellbeing Festival 2017

The evening unfolds
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