Wellbeing of self


Wellbeing of society


Wellbeing of the Planet


    Curated experiential journeys across a variety of themes. Journeys that are meaningful, fun-filled, engaging & a truly authentic experience


    Teaching young players the fundamentals of a sport while developing them wholistically in a postive, fun atmosphere


    A national celebration of youth mental health to bring about awareness, acceptance and holistic care to the forefront


    The Nourish to Flourish movement jointly initiated by RoundGlass Blossom and BabyChakra


    An international environmental film festival organised to search for our planet's most enlightened filmmakers


    Recognising musicians who create music for wellness, peace & environmental consciousness


A journey towards celebrating life, relationships and experiences


Be part of the movement towards Wellbeing & Meaningfulness

Enabling the Journey of
"Wholistic Wellbeing & Meaningful Living™"


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Enabling the Journey of
"Wholistic Wellbeing & Meaningful Living"


A journey of self towards betterment

How do you create a ‘better me’ that is in harmony with the universe around yourself? Betterment is no longer society directed, but self-defined, the values and human capacity are self-created.

Wellbeing is a mastery of self

Reconnecting with own mind, body and environment, which includes the betterment of physical, mental, emotional, social and all other aspects of Wellbeing.

Wholistic living

Wellbeing is putting the focus on celebrating life, on relationships, on enjoying experiences and living life wholistically.

"There isn't time, so brief is life, for bickerings, apologies, heartburnings, callings to account. There is only time for loving, and but an instant, so to speak, for that."


The RoundGlass purpose is to empower individuals to live their journey of Wellbeing

Our focus is to provide a unified experience through a comprehensive and seamless solution offering to enable people to live and lead their journey of wellbeing.


Wellbeing of Self

LIVE enables a personalized journey of living a lifestyle of Wellbeing.

Whether the motivation is a lifestyle disease that you wish would stop ruling your life, or you’ve recently embarked on a new life stage to get better every day, we enable personalized paths to living well.

Join India’s child wellbeing movement!

RoundGlass Blossom

RoundGlass Blossom invites every Parent, Caregiver and School to be part of an innovative and transformational journey, focused on wellbeing and holistic care of a child.

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Wellbeing for students

RoundGlass Peace

RoundGlass Peace partners with colleges and universities to create awareness on mental health and increase the quality of care for students suffering from mental health issues.

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A new experience of connected healthcare

RoundGlass Cross

Bringing care seekers and care providers together to create a new and efficient ecosystem for continuum of care.

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Proactive asthma management

RoundGlass Breathe

Breathe is a technology-enabled platform for caregivers to make data driven treatment decisions for their asthma patients.

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Land of Happiness

RoundGlass Journeys

Geographically remote, the Kingdom of Bhutan is one of the most exclusive travel destinations in the world. Landlocked in the eastern Himalayas, this extraordinary country prides itself on its untainted ancient culture and pristine natural environment.

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Biking in mighty Himalayas

RoundGlass Journeys

One of the toughest mountain biking expeditions in the shadow of the mighty Himalayas. It tests your resolve, makes you question the reason for signing up & challenges the ability of the human body.

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Road less travelled

RoundGlass Journeys

This excursion leaves you spell bound as spectacular landscape and the mighty Himalayan ranges of Zanskar Himalayas, Ladakh Himalayas and the Great Himalayan range unfold in the distant horizon

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Wellbeing of society

Creating and enabling solutions that empower under resourced individuals and communities to live a life of dignity and purpose.

We are all inter-connected. As individuals we are networked with others through our daily interactions and environment. We believe that selfless giving is an integral part of how we journey through the world of Wellbeing.

For Greater Social Impact

RoundGlass Rise

A social enterprise platform empowering the giving ecosystem to create greater social impact through experience, visibility, network amplification and improved efficiency.

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Catch and train them young

RoundGlass Sports

An ecosystem that brings together young players, parents & the best coaches from across the world. Teaching kids the fundamentals of a sport while developing them holistically in a positive, enjoyable and a fun atmosphere.

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Community wellbeing through selfless giving

Rise Fundraiser

A modern, integrated online-fundraising tool built with the core power of peer-to-peer fundraising, storytelling and network building.

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Online peer to peer campaign

Pratham USA Readathon 2017

Where kids in the US read books to help kids in India learn to read, write, and count.

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Wellbeing of the Planet

Enabling meaningful programs to create a better environment and surroundings for generations to come.

While embarking on this purpose and as our community grows, we need to think about our individual and collective footprint. As individuals, we need to rethink how we live and our impact.

RoundGlass Samsara Festival

An international environmental film festival organized to promote the importance of environmental consciousness and conservation.

We are searching for our planet’s most enlightened filmmakers who are using their art for celebrating nature and conservation.

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