We energize industry, technology and human connections to shape the macro-level trends in health and wellness. As investors, we fund and mentor the disruptors and mavericks that are accelerating the future of digital health.


RoundGlass is a team of doctors, technologists, designers and business leaders. Along with financial capital, we provide strategic expertise in the digital healthcare and wellness sectors.


Through decades of experience in the healthcare market, fostering industry collaboration events, and proven success with digital health companies (Edifecs), we offer our partners a complete range of support – from conceptualization to commercialization of solutions.



From startup to sustainable growth, we invest capital and human resources to help your company succeed.




From local events to national forums, we create meaningful experiences to help entrepreneurs learn and grow.



We select the most innovative entrepreneurs and the most provocative thought leaders and partner with them to build extraordinary products and services.

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zoojoo.be is a game based social wellness platform that unites the workforce to form healthier habits. The platform leverages on the tremendous power of the trusted social network at our workplace to motivate employed to form healthier habits.

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At ObiNo, our mission is to help you Lose Weight conveniently, as per your pace and at your convenience! And that is precisely why the ObiNo Weight Loss Coach is with you 24x7, supporting & motivating you a sensible and no-starvation approach to a healthy diet and with the same Expertise & Knowledge that has made thousands of Indians put their health in our hands. So, get started Today!

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Savonix delivers a digital, research-based, state-of-the-art cognitive and emotional function evaluation. This thirty minute test replaces lengthy, expensive clinical testing by delivering fast, accurate, and affordable brain vital function data, empowering users with valuable information to take practical steps to improve cognitive function. Savonix is neuroscience democratized.

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TOOVIA C3 is the first of its kind technology platform for lifestyle brands to deliver a tailored and consistent experience to their customers across physical and digital worlds.Toovia aims to address the broken retail experience across channels for lifestyle brands and retailers. Toovia C3 platform provides a turnkey application to create an authentic Omni Channel brand experience bringing in an era of seamless continuity of experience throughout all customer touch points in both the physical and digital worlds. The Toovia founding team has experience of building large-scale platforms in Fashion, Retail, Finance, Healthcare and Hospitality.

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The Gympik backdrop - Two health freaks Amaresh and Karan - sweating it out at the gym get talking, sharing experiences and health concepts. They were talking about how exasperating and challenging it can be to zero-in on the right personal fitness professional. The chance meeting between these two dynamic individuals turned into a camaraderie and one day, between barbell repetitions a germ of an idea took root. The idea that was to grow into the movement is now called Gympik.

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More than 30000 verified Doctors are using this private platform to become the best in their practice.

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Curo Healthcare provides the infrastructure and services for coordinating the delivery of high-quality care to chronic patients to improving quality of patient care and population health with a data driven approach.



RoundGlass is a select group of individuals and industry experts who bring in decades of experience to help you develop your business, recruit talent, forge strategic partnerships, design products and services, and bring your idea to market.

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The role of a leader is to enable people to do more than they thought they were capable of, and to help them achieve more than they thought possible.

Sunny Singh
Founder, RoundGlass


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