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End of Life:
Bringing vitality and preparedness to the end of life conversation.

We've created the tools to enable your journey of wellbeing.

Our applications support the interconnected dimensions of wellbeing by enhancing the entire health and wellness ecosystem.

Reach: for individuals, colleges and corporates

We all aspire to healthy lifestyle choices.

But they are difficult to maintain without the right information and support. So, we’ve created the tools, designed to put empowering self-care technology, rooted in cognitive behavior change, and combined with expert health coaching, within your Reach. Whether you want to improve your nutritional intake or lose weight; better manage a chronic condition such as diabetes, or find a new care provider, Reach has the broadest range of tools available within one application. We also understand the challenges of making your student populations and workforces healthier, so whether you're looking to improve your own health or looking to transform the wellbeing of your employees and students, Reach is the right integrated wellbeing solution for you.



Cross: for care providers

Maintaining a patient-centric approach to care can be a challenge.

Cross is designed to address practitioner pain-points through automated processes which reduce paperwork, streamline medical record management, and provide an online presence for your practice to help it grow – so you can spend more time providing patients the care they deserve.

End of Life: for everyone

We believe that the way we approach the end of life is as important as how we are born and how we live.

In our modern world we have distanced ourselves from the fact that we are mortal, yet we all face loss, and we trust that there is an opportunity for human connection even in the most difficult of times. The RoundGlass End of Life Solutions platform reflects our commitment to reducing the taboo around end of life, and to transforming seemingly difficult terrain into one of deep engagement, insight and empowerment.


Our interests know no bounds!

We are committed to exploring creative ways to address the barriers to wellbeing whether environmental, economic, or cultural through a range of initiatives which address different life stages, from youth sports, to workplace wellbeing.